The useR! Conference 2015

June 30 - July 3, 2015
Aalborg, Denmark

Oral sessions

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Session 1 Kaleidoscope 1 Ecology Networks Reproducibility Interfacing
ChairHeather TurnerHadley WickhamClaus DethlefsenMartin MaechlerDirk Eddelbuettel
Session 2 Kaleidoscope 2 Case study Clustering Data Management Computational Performance
ChairRomain FrançoisClaus DethlefsenMartin MaechlerThomas LumleyDirk Eddelbuettel
Session 3 Kaleidoscope 3 Business Spatial Databases Lightning talks
ChairPeter DalgaardEsben HøgAdrian BaddeleyThomas LumleyJames Curran
Session 4 Kaleidoscope 4 Medicine Regression Commercial Offerings Interactive graphics
ChairSusan HolmesHeather TurnerRasmus WaagepetersenRomain FrançoisDi Cook
Session 5 Kaleidoscope 5 Teaching 1 Statistical Methodology 1 Machine Learning 1 Visualisation 1
ChairSøren HøjsgaardRasmus WaagepetersenHelle SørensenPoul Svante EriksenDi Cook
Session 6 Kaleidoscope 6 Teaching 2 Statistical Methodology 2 Machine Learning 2 Visualisation 2
ChairSusan HolmesHelle SørensenJames CurranPoul Svante EriksenHadley Wickham

June 10th: Small change to the program - talks of Kaleidoscope 1 and 5 were interchanged.
June 15th: Tiny change - Google-talks have swapped session (now Millar in Kaleidoscope 5, Best in Interfacing).
June 25th: Cancellation - The "Word Alignment tools in R" talk by Majid Sarmad has been cancelled.
June 30th: Cancellation - The "Massive Online Data Stream Mining using R and MOA" talk by Jan Wijffels was cancelled.
July 2nd: Talk moved - The "The Network Structure of R Packages" talk by Andrie de Vries is moved to Kaleidoscope 4 from Kaleidoscope 6.

Session 1 – Wednesday 10:30 - 12:00

Kaleidoscope 1

flowcatchR: A user-friendly workflow solution for the analysis of time-lapse cell flow imaging data (Federico Marini) [slides]

Image processing and alignment with RNiftyReg and mmand (Jonathan Clayden) [slides]

rags2ridges: Ridge estimation and graphical modeling for high-dimensional precision matrices (Carel F. W. Peeters)

dgRaph: Discrete factor graphs in R (Henrik Tobias Madsen)


Optimized R functions for analysis of ecological community data using the R virtual laboratory (Rvlab) (Costas Varsos)

Building ecological models bit-by-bit (David L Miller) [slides]

Simulating ecological microcosms with systems of differential equations: tools for the scientific, technical and communication challenges (Andrew Dolman) [slides]

A Graphical User Interface for R in an Integrated Development Environment for Ecological Modeling, Scientific Image Analysis and Statistical Analysis (Marcel Austenfeld)


fbRads: Analyzing and managing Facebook ads from R (Gergely Daroczi) [slides]

Web scraping with R - A fast track overview. (Peter Meißner) [slides]

multiplex: Analysis of Multiple Social Networks with Algebra (Antonio Rivero Ostoic) [slides]

What's new in igraph and networks (Gabor Csardi) [slides]


rOpenSci: A suite of reproducible research tools in R (Karthik Ram)

Enhancing reproducibility and collaboration via management of R package cohorts (Michael Lawrence) [slides]

A Review of Meta-Analysis Packages in R (Joshua R. Polanin & Emily A. Hennessy) [web]

Simple reproducibility with the checkpoint package (David Smith) [slides]


Some lessons relevant to including external libraries in your R package (Kasper D. Hansen) [slides]

Integrating R with the Go programming language using interprocess communication (Christoph Best) [slides]

Naturally Sweet Rcpp with Modern C++ and Boost (Matt P. Dziubinski) [slides]

Linking R to the Spark MLlib Machine Learning Library (Dan Putler) [slides]

Session 2 – Wednesday 13:00 - 14:30

Kaleidoscope 2

archivist: Tools for Storing, Restoring and Searching for R Objects (Przemyslaw Biecek) [slides]

R User Groups (Joseph B. Rickert) [slides]

Computational Precision and Floating-Point Arithmetic: A Teacher's Guide to Answering FAQ 7.31 (Richard M. Heiberger) [slides]

Tiny Data, Approximate Bayesian Computation and the Socks of Karl Broman (Rasmus Bååth) [slides]

Case study

Using R for small area estimation in the Norwegian National Forest Inventory (Johannes Breidenbach) [slides]

Using R for natural gas market balancing in the Czech republic (Ivan Kasanický)

Heteroscedastic censored and truncated regression for weather forecasting (Jakob W. Messner) [slides]

Multinomial functional regression with application to lameness detection for horses (Helle Sørensen) [slides]


Unsupervised Clustering and Meta-Analysis using Gaussian Mixture Copula Models (Anders Ellern Bilgrau) [slides]

Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of hyperspectral Raman images: a new point of view leads to 10000fold speedup (Claudia Beleites) [slides]

Dirichlet process Bayesian clustering with the R package PReMiuM (Silvia Liverani) [slides]

Examining the Environmental Characteristics of Tornado Outbreaks in the United States using Spatial Clustering (Thomas Jagger) [slides]

Data Management

Taking testing to another level: testwhat (Filip Schouwenaars) [slides]

Failing fast and early: assertive/defensive programming for R data analysis pipelines (Tony Fischetti)

Getting your data into R (Hadley Wickham) [slides]

A better way to manage hierarchical data (Christoph Glur) [web or slides]

A proposal for distributed data-structures in R (Indrajit Roy, Michael Lawrence) [slides]

Computational Performance

Running R+Hadoop using Docker Containers (E. James Harner)

Algorithmic Differentiation for Extremum Estimation: An Introduction Using RcppEigen (Matt P. Dziubinski) [slides]

Improving computational performance with algorithm engineering (Kirill Müller) [slides]

Performance Analysis for Parallel R Programs: Towards Efficient Resource Utilization (Helena Kotthaus)

Refactoring the xtable Package (David Scott) [slides]

Session 3 – Wednesday 16:00 - 17:30

Kaleidoscope 3

Coding for the enterprise server - what does it mean for you? (Friedrich Schuster) [slides]

R as a citizen in a polyglot world - the promise of the Truffle framework (Lukas Stadler) [slides / video]

Architect. An IDE for Data Science and R (Tobias Verbeke)

Distributed computing with R (Balasubramanian Narasimhan) [slides]


Statistical consulting using R: a DRY approach from the Australian outback (Peter Baker) [slides]

Using R in Production (Stefan Milton Bache)

Hedging and Risk Management of CDOs portfolio with R (Giuseppe Bruno) [slides]

Data Driven Customer Segmentation with R (Jim Porzak) [slides]


Bringing Geospatial Tasks into the Mainstream of Business Analytics (Ian Cook) [slides]

Novel hybrid spatial predictive methods of machine learning and geostatistics with applications to terrestrial and marine environments in Australia (Jin Li) [slides]

Graphical Modelling of Multivariate Spatial Point Patterns (Matthias Eckardt)

Spatial Econometrics Models with R-INLA (Virgilio Gomez-Rubio)

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Epidemic Phenomena Using the R Package surveillance (Sebastian Meyer) [slides]


Rango - Databases made easy (Willem Ligtenberg) [slides]

Ad-Hoc User-Defined Functions for MonetDB with R (Hannes Mühleisen) [slides]

R database connectivity: what did we leave behind? (Mateusz Żółtak)

jsonlite and mongolite (Jeroen Ooms) [slides]

Using R Efficiently with Large Databases (Michael Wurst) [slides]

Lightning Talks

See Lightning talks for titles and abstracts.

Session 4 – Thursday 10:30 - 12:00

Kaleidoscope 4

While my base R gently weeps (A. Jonathan R. Godfrey)

Rapid Deployment of Automatic Scoring Models to Hadoop Production Systems (Amitai Golub) [slides]

Fast, stable and scalable true radix sorting (Matt Dowle) [slides]

Fast, flexible and memory efficient data manipulation using data.table (Arunkumar Srinivasan) [slides]

The Network Structure of R Packages (Andrie de Vries) [slides]


Phenotypic deconvolution: the next frontier in pharma (Marvin Steijaert) [slides]

medplot: A Web Application for Dynamic Summary and Analysis of Longitudinal Medical Data Based on R and shiny (Lara Lusa)

Using R and free software to improve the delivery of life changing medicine to patients (Paul Metcalfe)

Stratified medicine using the partykit package (Heidi Seibold) [slides]


The ilc package (Han Lin Shang) [slides]

Approximately Exact Calculations for Linear Mixed Models (Andrew Bray)

Shiny application for analyzing consumer preference and sensory data in a mixed effects model framework: introducing SensMixed package (Alexandra Kuznetsova)

Spatial regression of quantiles based on parametric distributions (Chenjerai Kathy Mutambanengwe)

glmmsr: fitting GLMMs with sequential reduction (Helen Ogden) [slides]

Commercial Offerings

Supporting the "Rapi" C-language API in an R-compatible engine (Michael Sannella) [slides]

Enabling R for Big Data with PL/R and PivotalR: Real World Examples on Hadoop & MPP Databases (Woo J. Jung) [slides]

The DataRobot R Package (Ron Pearson) [slides]

Applying the R Language in Streaming Applications and Business Intelligence (Lou Bajuk-Yorgan) [slides]

Interactive graphics

D3 and R Shiny - Making your graphs come to life (Monika Huhn) [slides]

Interactive Graphics with ggplot2 and gridSVG (Michael Sachs)

Interactive visualization using htmlwidgets and Shiny (Joe Cheng)

Interactive Data Visualization using the Loon package (Adrian Waddell) [www]

New interactive visualization tools for exploring high dimensional data in R (Wayne Oldford) [slides]

Session 5 – Thursday 13:00 - 14:30

Kaleidoscope 5

Formalising R Development - ValidR Enterprise (Aimee Gott)

CXXR: Modernizing the R Interpreter (Karl Millar)

Fun times with R and Google Sheets (Jennifer Bryan)

A Comparative Study of Complex Estimation Software (Jonathan Digby-North) [slides]

Software Standards in the R Community: An Analysis (Oliver Keyes)

Teaching 1

SWOT analysis on using R for online training (Miranda Y Mortlock)

Manipulation of Discrete Random Variables in R with discreteRV (Eric Hare) [slides]

Teaching R in heterogeneous settings: Lessons learned (Matthias Gehrke) [slides]

Interactive applications written in R to accelerate statistical learning (Chris Wild) [slides]

Classroom experiments (James Curran) [slides]

Statistical Methodology 1

TAM: An R Package for Item Response Modelling (Thomas Kiefer) [slides]

gets: General-to-Specific (GETS) Modelling (Genaro Sucarrat) [slides]

R Package CASA: Component Automatic Selection in Additive models (Thouvenot Vincent)

Dose-response analysis using R revisited (Christian Ritz)

Changepoints over a Range of Penalties using the changepoint package (Kaylea Haynes) [slides]

Machine Learning 1

Word Alignment tools in R (Neda Daneshgar / Majid Sarmad)

Rapid detection of spatiotemporal clusters (Markus Loecher) [slides]

Scalable distributed random-forest in R (Arash Fard, Vishrut Gupta) [slides]

Multivariate analysis of mixed data: The PCAmixdata R package (Marie Chavent)

PPforest (Natalia da Silva) [slides]

Visualisation 1

Reordering and selecting continuous variables for scatterplot matrices (Katrin Grimm) [slides]

R-package to assess and visualize the calibration of multiclass risk predictions (Kirsten Van Hoorde) [slides]

tmap: creating thematic maps in a flexible way (Martijn Tennekes) [slides]

The dendextend R package for manipulation of dendograms, visualization and comparison (Tal Galili) [slides]

Session 6 – Thursday 16:00 - 17:30

Kaleidoscope 6

The METACRAN experiment (Gabor Csardi) [slides]

Using R in photobiology (Pedro J. Aphalo) [slides]

Industrial Big Data Analytics for Wind Turbines (Sven Jesper Knudsen) [slides]

Teaching 2

Web Application Teaching Tools for Statistics Using Shiny and R (Gail Potter) [slides]

Teaching R in (an online) class (Jonathan Cornelissen) [slides]

Teaching R using the github ecosystem (Colin Rundel) [slides]

Using R, RStudio, and Docker for introductory statistics teaching (Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel) [slides]

Statistical Methodology 2

seasonal: An X-13 interface for seasonal adjustment (Christoph Sax) [slides]

Estimating the Linfoot correlation in R (Sören Möller) [slides]

Seasonal Adjustment with the R packages x12 and x12GUI (Alexander Kowarik) [slides]

frailtyHL: R package for variable selection in general frailty models for various survival data (Il Do Ha)

Machine Learning 2

Massive Online Data Stream Mining using R and MOA (Jan Wijffels)

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning with R (Stephen Elston) [slides]

forestFloor: a package to visualize and comprehend the full curvature of random forests (Søren Havelund Welling) [slides]

Machine Learning for Internal Product Measurement (Douglas Mason)

h2oEnsemble for Scalable Ensemble Learning in R (Erin LeDell) [slides]

Visualisation 2

Plotting data as music videos in R (Thomas Levine) [io slides / static slides]

NaviCell Web Service for Network-based Data Visualization (Eric Bonnet) [slides]

Easy visualizations of high-dimensional genomic data (Laure Cougnaud) [material as zip file]

The gridGraphics Package (Paul Murrell) [slides]