The useR! Conference 2015

June 30 - July 3, 2015
Aalborg, Denmark

useR! 2015 in Aalborg, Denmark

We would like to thank everybody contributing to and attending the useR! 2015 conference in Aalborg. Having more than 660 participants from more than 40 countries was overwhelming.

We hope that you all had a great R experience and enjoyed the conference and Aalborg during your visit. Our plan is to upload a few pictures from the conference and social events during the summer (when we re-surface).

Currently we are working on collecting all presentations and make these avaiable online as soon as possible. As of mid-July some 70 presentations are available under the Oral Sessions page. We will announce on twitter (@user2015aalborg) and the mailing list.

The Local Organising Committee

Invited Talks

The invited speakers of useR! 2015 in Aalborg! were Thomas Lumley (R Core, Survey), Adrian Baddeley (Spatstat), Steffen Lauritzen (gRaphical models), Di Cook (GGobi), Romain François (R/C++) and Susan Holmes (phyloseq).

Thomas Lumley Adrian Baddeley Steffen Lauritzen Di Cook Romain Francois Susan Holmes

Titles and abstracts

Click on title for abstract (you will be sent to the Invited Talks page).